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In Orbetello Scalo, in a newly built building with a lift, located in a convenient and well-served position, we offer exclusive apartments of various types and sizes, between 65 sq.m. and 125 sq.m., all with large outdoor spaces and exclusive parking space, built with excellent construction criteria, cutting-edge materials and equipped with all comforts.

The structure, earthquake-proof and in Energy Class "A", is equipped with perimeter walls with "thermal insulation panel" for excellent thermal insulation and the partition walls between the property units are made with soundproof rigid panel.

All the residential units are equipped with the latest generation of radiant floor heating powered by an electric kettle, all supported by photovoltaic panels that also feed the common lights of the building, the elevators and the condominium storage and water distribution systems with significant energy and economic savings.

The floors and walls will be of the renowned Marazzi brand with the buyer choosing the type.

For the furnishing you can have the free consultation of an interior designer of the Habitat Art Home of Grosseto of which we show you some proposals through the renderings and the video that you will be able to admire inside our site.


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Rif. CC-19
Mq : 91
Rif. CC-20
Mq : 112

€ 280.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-12
Mq : 82

€ 235.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-13
Mq : 72

€ 205.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-14
Mq : 142

€ 295.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-15
Mq : 82

€ 195.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-16
Mq : 80

€ 245.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-17
Mq : 94

€ 255.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-18
Mq : 76

€ 205.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-8
Mq : 100

€ 240.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-9
Mq : 75

€ 225.000+I.V.A.

Rif. CC-2
Mq : 70

€ 180.000+I.V.A.


Agenzia Gamma Immobiliare s.r.l.

Corso Italia, 12

Orbetello 58015

Opening time

Monday - Saturday : from 9:00 to 13:00

Monday - Saturday : from 16:00 to 19:30

Phone : 0564.860298 (3 linee)

Mobile : 3939447527

Email :

P.I. 01399620531