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“Park of The lagoon of Levante”

On the shores of the enchanting Lagoon of Levante of Orbetello, with amazing views on Ansedonia and Monte Argentario we sell apartments of various sizes situated in a new prestigious complex designed by the famous Architect Prof. Paolo Portoghesi.

All apartments are builded from high quality materials and equipped with energy friendly floor heating system which works based on geothermal water sources.  By using the constant heat of the earth's depths, the system keeps the water temperature at around 18 degrees and it allows to have hot water all year long for sanitary and heating purposes with a minimum energy expenditure.

All the subdivision was made with excellent construction criteria:

• The foundations have been designed to perfectly isolate properties from the ascending humidity of the subsoil. 
• All terraces are covered and can therefore be used throughout the year. 
• Underfloor heating guarantees unprecedented comfort, avoiding annoying hot or cold areas that are created with the common wall radiators. 
• Arrangement of the air conditioning system in all environments. 
• The comfort of the electric blinds, replacing the traditional blinds or Venetian blinds, opens up a wonderful vision towards the outside world and above all towards the suggestive mirror of the lagoon.  Further comforts, for those who request it, will be guaranteed by the "Domotics” package that can be used both internally and externally, thus guaranteeing the possibility of managing the house from any part of the world Many apartments are already completed and delivered. Visit them whenever you want in order to realize the person's uniqueness in person.

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Rif. B/6
Mq : 65

€ 120.000+I.V.A.

Rif. B/7
Mq : 65

€ 120.000+I.V.A.

Rif. B/8
Mq : 90

€ 175.000+I.V.A.

Rif. B/5
Mq : 90

€ 175.000+I.V.A.

Rif. B/1
Mq : 70

€ 145.000+I.V.A.

Rif. B/2
Mq : 82

€ 140.000+I.V.A.

Rif. B/3
Mq : 82

€ 140.000+I.V.A.

Rif. B/4
Mq : 70

€ 148.000+I.V.A.

Rif. C/8
Mq : 60
Rif. C/9
Mq : 60
Rif. C/10
Mq : 80
Rif. C/11
Mq : 90

€ 310.000+I.V.A.


Agenzia Gamma Immobiliare s.r.l.

Corso Italia, 12

Orbetello 58015

Opening time

Monday - Saturday : from 9:00 to 13:00

Monday - Saturday : from 16:00 to 19:30

Phone : 0564.860298 (3 linee)

Mobile : 3939447527

Email :

P.I. 01399620531