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Unicredit is one of the Italian banking institutes that has decided to qualify its offer on the markets with a new activity sector. This is "Unicredit Subito Casa".

The bank has therefore become a true "real estate agency" relying, to operate on the new market it faces, to consultants chosen after careful research for reliability and industry experience.
The new consultant of this group for the municipal territories of Orbetello, Monte Argentario, Capalbio, Isola del Giglio and Magliano in Tuscany is Guja Sarperi Stoppa, historical owner of the Gamma Agency, which has been operating in the real estate business for 40 years, chosen from many other agencies operating in this important tourist area.

The logistic support point of the Unicredit Subito Casa branch for the aforementioned municipalities is precisely the headquarters of the Gamma, located in Corso Italia no. 12, in the historic city center of Orbetello.
"The Unicredit Bank, explains Guja Sarperi Stoppa, has created a real estate branch throughout Italy, which has named "Subito Casa" and acts as a real estate agency. People can sell and buy, but operate within a banking environment with absolute guarantees as the Bank itself verifies the customers and the historicity of the buildings that are traded, proceeding in these terms by sending experts who attest all the compliances of the case".
"Technically, Mrs. Sarperi continues, Unicredit is able to provide mortgages and financings quickly".
Unicredit then opens to the real estate market with the necessary guarantees for the citizens, who want to look out for their own needs in the real estate market.
The objectives are to work not only on large properties but also on those who must buy a first home or an office or a fund for commercial and craft activities.
In an economic moment that still is very complex and difficult, we operate with a "branch" that is at the service of citizens and which aims to revive economic and business activities in the south of the Maremma.


Work in the real estate sector has increased over the last few weeks. A very positive news for our area.
"We are recording a lot of vivacity in the sector," comments Guja Sarperi Stoppa, "and with lower prices, sales are rising sharply." Many of the owners complain about this reduction in sales prices but we must think that with the arrival of the euro, a 500 million priced house was sold for € 500,000.00. The concept of one thousand liras as one euro...a doubling that was not in the state of things, both for housing, but also for everything else. Today, little by little, we are back to normality and this has given a new breath to the market, with obvious benefits.
The locality (continues Mrs. Gamma, as many people in the area call her...!!) which holds the most quotations, compared to other places, is the historic center of Orbetello, where the prices however 'keep more'  thai in other places of the Costa D'Argento and which is much wanted and loved because of the many possibilities it offers: fantastic location, tranquility, shops and restaurants of the highest level, 5 cinema rooms, theater in the winter season, bike path that connects to the beaches and many other things!


In Orbetello those who invest in housing mainly are Romans, who from the capital come to the lagoon town to buy houses especially in the historic center or in the seaside. Concerning to the foreigners, we have lost the Russian market but the British has returned.
The novelty of the market, on the other hand, is the arrival of Australians. At least a dozen people who have turned to my agency to buy villas, cottages and farms in the countryside; the chosen location that they really like is Talamone, the charming coastal town in the north of the municipal territory, at the beginning of the Natural Park of Maremma. Australians are looking here for second homes or accommodations in equipped hotels and tourist villages. But I do not understand if this novelty is just momentary or the beginning of a new path.
The collapse instead I found this year concerns the summer locations. I've never had so few requests, just a few phone calls for rentals from two to seven days, that I do not take care of, and some requests for letting important villas.
Many agencies close or have great problems, what is the secret of your success?
"The success, explains Mrs. Sarperi Stoppa, which over the years has had my agency is mainly due to my customers who come back over the years to sell and buy again from us and send relatives and friends, because they were fully satisfied with the care with which we have managed their sales/purchases, and it is due not only to the commitment and love that I always put into my work, but above all to the result of the synergy of my collaboration with an excellent, precise and prepared staff!"
"Moreover, Mrs. Sarperi Stoppa continues, I and all my staff always aim to protect our customers as much as possible and to make sure that they buy ONLY the home of their dreams ... because as I always say "you must fall in love with a house" . "







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